Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Trevor Dunaway showed me this artist today, Kate Wilson, and I have fallen in love!  Fat birds with things on their heads!  Oh!  Could it be any better?  And her craftsmanship is so wonderful, she has so many beautiful drawings.  Please look at them at her Flickr page and at her blog, and if you find yourself wiping a little string of drool from the corner of your mouth like I did, let me know so I don't feel so weirdly obsessed with cute fat animals...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

gloomy winter, thinking ahead

I funnily found myself kind of sad tonight that winter is beginning to end.  I went to open my window to let some cold air in (my radiator is out of control! my room goes from 60 to 80 in five minutes when I turn that thing on!) and thought how in the summer I will have to work so hard to keep cool.  Wet washcloths and Tshirts!  Also, the snow is beautiful, especially the one last night.  That was the glitteriest snow I've ever seen, it looked like the whole world was some wonderful creation of Brian Froud and Jim Henson, Labyrinth/Dark Crystal style.  I have some weirdly tender feelings towards snow, I guess because of how ephemeral it is.  It's such a short-lived thing, I feel like it's very sweet, like it's always got this childlike quality to it, some sort of innocence.  Now, the ice that comes from the snow I have no tender feelings for.  That is a malicious force of winter, *especially* for clumsy goofs like me.

...then I found these pictures I took of my park in the 

summer when I was on a walk with Joe.  

I can't wait for summer!

On another note:
Haynes Riley came to visit me!  So long Haynes, good luck in the big world, I'll see ya around when the weather changes.

don't be fooled by this picture...i haven't practiced in FOREVER.