Monday, November 10, 2008

3 cheers for the british punk witch

Oh my goodness.  Emma Cook, amazing Emma!  I've been following her collections since I saw her shout-out in Sample (published by Phaidon) and have pretty much loved every one.  But this one, reach into my heart and pull out all that witchy fringy encrusted lacey goodness!  I just think that these are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, in any art form.  This level of elaborateness is something that I was steered away from in school and so somehow feel is "bad," but look at Emma go!  She just wallows in it!  She just gets down in all those organic edges and beads on stars on lace and swims through it!  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tears of joy

I can't seem to stop crying, I've been watching videos on CNN all morning and afternoon, video after video of people all over the world celebrating--riotously celebrating--Obama.  How amazing, how totally awesome is it, that the whole world loves this man?  That the whole world is rejoicing in his election?  When has this *EVER* happened before?  People are not normally concerned with other countries' elections, they'll find out during the week who won and okay, so things probably continue as they did before.  But this time, people were glued to the news, holding their breaths, counting state by state (again, not just Americans--all over the world!) screaming and jumping and yelling and blowing whistles and crying and hugging and signing when they found out he won.  He inspires the world to be better and I think, just like the American Revolution sparked revolutions around the world, bringing down kings and installing democracies, Obama will spread change, cooperation, and righteousness around the globe.  He has energized and brought hope to the human race.  I am proud to be an American again.

...and just becasue it's fun, Obama dances on Ellen!  two of my favorite people!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

let's go everyone!

See you at the voting booths!
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happy halloween!

This blog is all about the wonderful costumes I saw from my friends this Halloween.  I love that the people in my life aren't too serious for outfits, and that they create the most wonderful hand-made ensembles!  Not a store-bought costume here!

Frances, the New Jersey Flower.

Here we have Annie Hall and Pretty Baby

There was a whole troop of SCAD girls.  The girls were the best thing to come out of SCAD.
Look at how creative and sweet these young ladies are!

Now everyone, I am just a lowly squaw.  
I had no aspirations for Pocahontas or anything so regal.

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