Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy halloween!

This blog is all about the wonderful costumes I saw from my friends this Halloween.  I love that the people in my life aren't too serious for outfits, and that they create the most wonderful hand-made ensembles!  Not a store-bought costume here!

Frances, the New Jersey Flower.

Here we have Annie Hall and Pretty Baby

There was a whole troop of SCAD girls.  The girls were the best thing to come out of SCAD.
Look at how creative and sweet these young ladies are!

Now everyone, I am just a lowly squaw.  
I had no aspirations for Pocahontas or anything so regal.

Daisy Duck and the Diamond of Arkansas

The Miner of the Diamond and the Gold of the Nativity

Ruthie explored her newfound sexuality as a Catholic school girl...


Amy Elizabeth said...

The best little blond squaw in the world!

chelsea rose said...

coming from you that means a lot!

Your Feathered Friend said...

ooh, I have a blue heeler (australian shepherd) too! he's fantastic-- he didn't get a catholic school girl halloween costume this year (or any costume, actually!), but I might have to start a new tradition. adorable.