Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to Port-o-land!

Pen on left (always a challenge for me, all my mistakes get to hang around! eek!) Pencil on right

This summer I took a weekend to go visit the love of my life in Portland, Oregon, where he was doing an internship with Periscope Studios.  Portland is...eerily perfect.  My favorite thing was the blackberry bushes growing literally all over the city, up the buildings, down the hills, next to the roads.  Also there were crab apples donated to me by neighborhood trees on our morning walk to the trolley (the Portland trolley is like what the NYC subway systems are when they go to heaven).  
The beavers were a joke for Ginny, gnawing away at her desk.

This is really what the streets in Portland look like.  I mean, really and honestly, this is a major road in Portland.  What?!?  Where is the traffic?  Where is the trash?

There are lots of bridges in Portland, like New York.  
But they are all so...not quite quaint, but not intimidating and huge.


The most relaxed and contented I can remember ever feeling:
lying on the cool grass in the shade of a maple tree in the state park,
next to my boy,
making a clover chain.


Japanese gardens, so peaceful.

I was sitting on the bench drawing the waterfall when I was 
overcome by how green everything was.  There was so much green.

Oh, also, I found my new home.  
Moss covered shingles, covered in flowering plants, I'm there.

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