Wednesday, October 15, 2008

california, here i come!

This summer I took a short vacation to San Diego to meet my new niece, Syerra. Dad took the twins and me out for lunch and to poke around the Point Loma lighthouse, one of my favorite childhood pastimes. I have detailed memories of organzing hermit crab races on the rocks with my older sister and cousin, discovering sea cucumbers, and flustering thousands of anemones by sticking my finger into their soft tentacles.
Wouldn't you know that southern California has a blue and white color scheme?

Tide pools! They are such beautiful, magical little lagoons of sea creatures, little miniature oceans.

enter the Little Mermaid

This is where the pirates hid the treasure...
...and we are going to find it!
well, maybe they dropped it down here by accident.
I found my treasure! I love sea rocks and seaweed. I discovered pretty early on that you can't take seaweed starts to stink. So I have to just admire it in its habitat.
Point Loma lighthouse. I harbored many fantasies about living in this house, making sea grass dolls, chasing Victorian ghosts, collecting sea shells to cover mirrors and boxes, cooking earthy stews with wooden spoons and iron kettles. (and you know what, I still harbor those fantasies!)

Look at their banjo!
Oh, please let me live here!

Okay, well, to be practical, I probably wouldn't enjoy having to feed the fire to cook. But I would love to have a gas stove next to it that I could cook on, and the wood stove to boil water for tea!


Caroline said...

That staircase/spiral photo is magical! Love the little faces!

Micha Merrick said...

Wow, how did I not know about the sweetness of this place? Thanks. I'm going to San Diego this weekend, I'm going to check it out for my self, only problem, I might not want to leave. Do you think if I hide under the bed, by the banjo, till no one is looking, I could come out at night and haunt the place like a Victorian ghost?