Monday, April 20, 2009

the tables of spring

When will it finally feel like spring in New York?  I've been displaying spring-themed tables for months now and it's starting to feel a little foolish!  It's cold and rainy!  Some people from San Francisco stopped in the store today and were telling me all about the lovely wonderful super fantastic weather there.  Phooey.  At least hoping for spring gives me pretty things to look at while I relax on my couch.

Here is my current spring table top.  The birdie and her nest were gifts from my adopted family, Laraine and Nikki from one of my favorite stores, @home vintage general.  They know me so well and always give the best gifts.  They were a cheer-up gift for the loss of my Grandpa Tom a couple of weeks ago.  This has been a rough six months for my grandparents.  But he was a devotedly faithful man, and in a lot of pain towards the end of his struggle with Alzheimer's, so I know he's in a better place.  His funeral was beautiful, and it was so nice to see the family together to say good-bye.  Things that will always remind me of Grandpa Tom: soft serve ice cream, koi fish and Japan, horses named Jack, American Airlines, the Christian story of the rainbow as a gift from god to signal the end of hard times.

This was the spring table I had before the nest.  I'm not so good about keeping the daffodils alive in the tea pot, so the nest came right in time!  The tea pot was an acquisition from my recent trip to Gramma Dorothy's house...