Tuesday, December 22, 2009

erica and chet

Halloo, world! So, I have just found that blogger doesn't drive me absolutely *bonkers* with refusing to upload my images if I resize everything to 72dpi first (ala Photoshop action tool). I've tried uploading this post multiple times with no success, and the same goes for many fallen posts of yore, and yore has been a looong time on this here blog. But! maybe I'm back in business; I have ideas for a really efficient Photoshop action tool that will make this easy peasy despite everything blogger.com does against me! Ha!

Here are photos of Erica and Chet's beauuuutiful wedding. Erica commissioned me to make her wedding dress, the specifications being that it needed to be flowy, empire waisted, and have lace that didn't have flowers on it, and bridal buttons. I'll have to admit figuring out a pretty system for bridal buttons on chiffon was kind of a challenge but I was happy with the results! I got the "renaissance" lace at Sposabella lace here in the garment disctric, and the rest of my odds and ends at Brooklyn Mercantile, easily one of my favorite stores ever. The lovely photographs are by Our Labor of Love, I think they did a wonderful job of capturing the wedding between these two young architects.

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