Thursday, June 26, 2008

lingenberry "yam"

Anyone who knows me knows that I like warm, colorful homes.  My ideal house is a fairy tale cottage with diamond stained glass windows by the ocean covered in flowering vines with an herb garden, a vegatable garden, and of course, flowers and cobblestones and christmas lights and fruit trees.  It would probably be crammed with old books, paints, paper, buttons and ribbon, clothes and clothes and clothes, sewing machines, things I can't seem to stop picking up around the world like crowns, dolls, parasols, and wooden painted animals, fabric, feathers, clothes, plants, drying herbs, cushioned furniture you disappear into, antique jewelry, spices, cooking pots, glass bottles and jars, beads, glitter, quilts, masks and fairy wings, and clothes.  All this gets very cluttered and hard to keep orderly.  I've been looking at the blogs of some northern Europeans and am enamored with the simplicity of their lifestyles.  I'm drawn to their eco-conscious modernness that inherently carries a sense of folk tradition.  It makes me want to have a living room furnished with just a striped couch and a coffee table and decorated with nothing more that ferns and shells and driftwood.  Also my favorite teal-gray color seems to pop up often in their photographs.


Amy Elizabeth said...

you are such a folky fairy tale princess. (which trumps a disney princess a million times over even if they always have nice wavey hair.)

you even look like a sweet little blond Scandinavian girl.

"hi, i'm ginny branch and i love love." said...

yes ma'am. that description sums up your lifestyle perfectly. i love my folky fairy tale gypsy princess. i feel gypsy is important to add in the title.

hayliebird said...

sweet chelsea!
i can't wait to visit you oneday in your magical little cottage filled with treasures. i just can't wait for us all to grow old to see where we end up & to see just how many goodies we have each collected and created!! won't that be fun? please, can we be friends forever- until we are old and wrinkly. that is my dream for my talented young old souled friends and me!
i miss you & nyc.

katy said...

just tripped over your blog while surfing the great wide web and love it. thought i'd say hello! :)

Jools said...

That is perhaps the *perfect* description of my dream house... loving your blog :)