Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the best day off *ever*

About a month ago, on my last bona-fide day off where I wasn't promised to any special projects or extra jobs, I had the most amazing day. It was Amy's last day at work, so we had a special breakfast at Cafe Cluny with Frances and Ginny.  Amy made us all beautiful terrariums with our own special spirit animals.  Then we went shopping in the west village and I got some cute shirts at Housing Works.  I walked the long way home down streets that I only normally see at night, when things are hidden and all boarded up.  7th street is my new favorite street.

I stumbled into this magical Harry Potter in Diagon Alley shop.  There is no signage that I could see, just wonderful junk in the window, and a huge pendulum in the doorway that you have to twist around to get through.  I wasn't even sure if people were welcome inside, so I had to ask if I could come in.  Turns out it's owned by a very sweet Santa Claus man named Anthony, who has been repairing watches there for over thirty years.  He has the most inspiring collection of junk I've ever seen, and is just the sweetest guy--I adore him.

Thompkin's Square Park finally bloomed in full, no more bare branches.  Everything is green and full of life.  I loved this white pigeon on the pavement, she looked like she was hopping through a sky of stars.

Even the trees were given necklaces of flowers.  I felt like this place was overcome with vitality and joy, everything and everyone was just so happy that winter was finally, finally over.

These two guys were fantastic!  Pianos and drums in the park?  That's some serious set-up.  They played "Jealousy" by the Killers, "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby," "You Spin Me Right Round," "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor, and "Just Go Ahead Now" while I was there.  They took a break at one point and one of the guys hanging out in the park sat down at the piano and performed a jazzy little song, I don't know what it was, but he sounded like Louis Armstrong.  Then the pianist started playing frisbee with random people walking (or skateboarding) by.  I would have stayed all afternoon, the weather was so lovely, but I had to get home to eat my goodies I'd picked up along the way and work on my bathing suit.

I finally stopped at the cheese shop on 2nd(?) Ave.  The cheese I got is the most delicious cheese I've ever had.  I don't remember what they're called.  The top one has truffles in it, and the bottom one was everything I've ever wanted from cheese, with a sweetish nutty aftertaste.  Oh*my*god soooo good.  My mango was the perfect amount of crispy-tart, my raspberry tart from Veniero's was delicious as always (best bakery around, so cheap, absolutely delicious, run by the same family since 1895, 11th St. and 1st Ave), and I am officially converted to Fizzy Lizzy pomegranate soda.  What a perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Then I started sewing....

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Jools said...

Wow Chelsea, What a beautiful day:) Thank you for sharing.